Cure Stomach Pain with One Yoga Pose

by Lynette Crawford on October 10, 2009

in Health & Fitness



I have my share of tummy troubles from time to time – all the things you don’t want to hear about. I recently discovered a Yoga position that can help! It is called the Garland Pose and holding the position for at least one minute daily can relieve those tummy troubles. As an added bonus it also stretches the lower back and loosens my spine.

The position is simple to achieve. Begin in standing position with your feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Bring your palms together (like praying when you were a child) in front of your heart. Turn your toes slightly out.

Squat down, deeply bending the knees. Keep your palms together, and gently press your elbows inside of your knees, while opening your hips wide. Hold the position for at least one minute.

I started doing this four times a day and it’s amazing how much better I feel. If I feel a twinge, I find a secluded spot and fall into position. My entire midsection feels better and my back pain is alleviated!

If anyone catches you, just collapse into cross legged position and go ‘Ohhhmmmmmmm’ – they’ll assume you’re having a transcendent moment and go away.

Check out Women’s Health for a picture and more detailed instructions.

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